HEXA 4: Parallel 6-DoF Platform

HEXA-4 is a strong and agile 6-Degrees of Freedom parallel platform with a wide workspace. It is best suited for gaming integrations, precisely controlled manipulators, camera mounts with exceptional peep features, medical applications, 3D and 5D printing machines, laser cutting/engraving, and academic or research labs. 

In the inverted mounting configuration, it can handle a wide range of food products, and can easily do pick-and-place operations as in the pharma, and electronics industry.

Downloads: Technical Specifications


Dynamic Stablization

Power Lifter

Flight Gear System

Hybrid Serial-Parallel


Ball Balancing


Assembly Operation

Medical Customization


Scientific Research 


  • Its greatly finished stainless steel body adds the sense of hygiene that is required for such applications.
  • It is easy to clean and disinfect. 
  • With an added 3-extra Degrees of Freedom for roll, pitch, and yaw actions it can do much more than any standard industrial 3-DoF Delta variants of parallel robots can do.
  • Having 6-Revolute-Spherical-Spherical (6-RSS) structure makes it agile, and sensitive enough to handle do rapid control applications. 
  • Added to this the torque-enabled motion controls make the motion compliant and safe against any collisions.
  • With 100% spares one can order it as a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) kit for learners.
  • The link sizes and top and bottom platform shapes can be fully customized as per the user’s requirements. By default, the hardware can be selected among five different sizes of the first link, and 2 sizes of the second link.
  • It comes with a Joystick, an isolated laptop with preloaded drivers, and our fully featured proprietary simulation software with the same capabilities as with our rugged INVERTA-8 robot.