Industrial Robotics with Python

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About Course

The course “Industrial Robotics with Python” would introduce one to various concepts of robotics, like,
actuators, sensors, industrial communication systems, inputs-outputs, and controllers. It will also uncover the
aspects of classical theories of robotics that would lay the academic foundation to understand the working of
any multi-body physical system like a typical industrial robot. The course includes video lectures, demonstration
codes using python, simulation models, numerical problems, assignments, quizzes, projects, and case studies of
real industrial problems. The course would enable one to implement the theories of industrial robotics using
python and visualize the simulations using OpenGL based visualization environment. While the contents of this
course would suit to quickly supplement any undergraduate/post-graduate curriculum on the subject, it is also
helpful for application engineers and researchers who need to elevate their technical skills and understanding
about any real-world robots.
This course bridges the gap between any academic curriculum and the skills that are important to build, startup, and commission any industrial robot. It covers the left-over portions that are sparsely included in most of
the textbooks or courses on robotics and are a prerequisite for implementing any automation system in the
industry, including robots.
Each module will include a guest lecture by renowned Professors from the premier academic institutions and
industrial experts. This bonus content will cover the domain experts’ special topics and enable one to learn
some special applications of industrial robots.
To maintain the course level for a beginner, this first-level course would include mathematical, electronics, and
programming fundamentals.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Apply the knowledge of robotics in industry
  • Concepts of robotics theory
  • Analyze any industrial situation with the techniques covered in the course
  • Evaluate the problems associated with robot kinematics and dynamics
  • Create industrial robot simulation
  • Simulate any Industrial Robot using OpenGL environment

Course Content


  • Introduction to this course
  • About Instructor

Fundamentals of Industrial Robots



Kinematic Transformation

Computational Forward Kinematics

Computational Inverse Kinematics